Tales From The Dusklands
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Welcome to Avanor

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Welcome to Avanor Empty Welcome to Avanor

Post by Admin Fri Jan 27, 2023 12:06 am

Welcome to Avanor Rider310

Welcome to Avanor
Avanor is the central continent in The Living Lands of Qorum and it encompasses several distinct nations as well as miles and miles of untamed wilderness, prowled by wild beasts, savage humanoids and terrifying monsters. Ancient ruins dot the wilds, remnants of the previous era, The Age of Elden Empires, which ended in Nythos' Scourge, when Nythos, the Lord of Darkness, tore asunder The Vyldshael, the arcane weave tying together reality, and unleashed countless unspeakable horrors from the hellish realm of Malhamat and The Dark Realm of Ravinshar upon The Old World, resulting in the fall of Elden Empires such as Dimeren, Brezzenta and Ilushar, when they were hit by unnatural disasters and swarmed by ravaging demons and Darkfiends. In the end, despite suffering tremendous losses, the forces of Light prevailed over those of Darkness, when Heothar Aldorin, the Saint King of Dimeren, slew Sarvorath, the High Hierophant of Nythos, and Lythan, the Lord of Light, declared a new age, The Age of Triumphant Dawn...

So far, The Age of Triumphant Dawn has lasted for a mere 147 years and the Aluwani (The Children of Light) are still recuperating and rebuilding what was destroyed during Nythos' Scourge, and fighting to stave off the many remnant monsters and savage humanoids that served Lord Nythos during his unhallowed invasion of The Living Lands.

Although Sarvorath was vanquished, Nythos' darkness still lingers, and capable and courageous adventurers are needed to brave the wilds of Avanor, purge the Living Lands of Darksworn, and protect The Realms of Light from encroaching evils. Do you have what it takes to survive such as perilous path? If so, fame and fortune awaits. If not, death and whatever afterlife you may have earned through your life as a muathar (mortal)...


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