Tales From The Dusklands
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Dirge of the Dusklands

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Dirge of the Dusklands Empty Dirge of the Dusklands

Post by Admin Mon Jan 30, 2023 8:06 am

Dirge of the Dusklands Rider310

Dirge of the Dusklands

Talossar, ye Lands of Dusk,
where Light was lost and hope was crushed,
where Lord of Darkness sits on throne,
of molten blades and elven bone,

Ye time has come, ye death awaits,
if signs are true of ending fate,
the Elden Folk will fade away,
the dhouvarr die in battle's fray

the will of Omnus, highest Lord,
for Dimeren to come to nought,
now Aluwani make their stance,
as Lady Death she haves her dance,

for Woedra's harvest now begins,
to whisk away the harm and sin,
that spread throughout the realms of light,
and turned the blessed day to night,

as Gloom spreads out and blights the land,
the Witch Queen reaps the souls of man,
the hand of death will touch them all,
from small and lithe to broad and tall,

the light is waning, Nythos' Scourge,
is spreading from the Dusklands' north
encroaching on the realms of light,
as day gives way to endless night,

o' Talossar, ye realms of Dusk,
a chance you have, to seek you must,
to halt advance of horde of Dark,
and guard the light, life's endless spark

for maybe Light can be restored,
averting night forevermore,
to strive ye must, fo fight for life,
or day will turn to endless night

- The Dirge of the Dusklands,
Beranath, the Burning Bard


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